Tuesday, June 16, 2009

day two in Haiti

Well it Was A Very Diffrent kinda Day It Was Still Really Hot and we woke up to start are great day . we got some breakfest and i hade some frosted flakes and they where really good and the milk with it was also good then most of the other parents where siting at the pool with the othere kids so we went up to are room to change the little kids into there swiming suits and i decited to go swiming with them because it was so hot and there is not much to do here at the hotel. and we swam for about 3-4 hours i and not really sure . but after that we went back to the room to take a quick nap because everybody was sleepy . and then we woke up and ate some food for dinner which was ok but not great. and thats pretty much all we did all day because they don't want us leaveing the hotel because we will mostliky get kidnapped and that would not be very cool at all so thats my blog for day two can't wait to keep telling you all about my trip to a 3 world country .

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