Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Four in Haiti

Today I Slept In tell about 10:00 then I went down stairs to the pool and swam for about 2-3 hours i think i am not really sure. after that we all headed up to the room for a nap because today was really hot i don't know why but it was. but some people for the group where going to the orphanage to help them for an 2-3 hours so me and my dad decided to go with the small group going . i got to ride in the frount seat in the van while all the adults got in the back and i am glad i did because the window all the way down felt so good !! it was kinda cool the part when we where going to the orphanage we turned down this street and all the cars where back up so the whole street of cars hade to turn around and that took some pretty good skill. i think but one thing i know americans could have not done that to save are lifes . then the ride was really long but it gave me a change to see more of haiti. whe we arrived at the orphanage most of the adults started moving the food to the kichen and me and some older girls went to go play with the kids for 40 min well i did then i went on the roof with some of the guys and they where trying to figrue out how to get the soloar pannales working . and they think then got then working and then we hooked up a water filter for them . then a small group of poeple got to ride in the back of a truck haiti style . my dad went and it was really cool kinda hot at first then it started to rain like no other the rain hurt so bad . but it was still fun the haiti people where laughing at us and some where giving us the bird kinda funny. the sad thing is that most of the kids where showing during the rain . and that was really sad. and the scary lady throw a fruit at us and got so close to hiting my head. that was scary and some people where throwing glass bottles at us . then we stop at a store but we waited in the back off the truck for about 5 min then we hade to turn around really fast!! because there was a roit going on in the city there where about 700 people running towards us so we fliped a u-turn and there was other 1000+ people running the other way so we hade to hurry into the back streets because riots in haiti are bad but there really bad if White people are around them too . and after that we went back to the hotel and we all where soked from the rain that was a real life changing experience . and i am glad today happened and that was day four in Haiti .

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  1. Wow Kolbie,sounds like quite an experience. I'm glad that you guys are all safe.