Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day One-Arrives In Haiti

Today I Finally Arrive In Haiti We Got Off The Plane The Heat Was The First Thing That Hit Me It Was So HOT!!! but Then We Walked Into The Airport At First It Seemed Pretty Normal But then We Went into Where We grab Are Bags It Was crazy . Kinda Scary At first Because people kept trying to take our bags. then we started to walk outside where there were people all around us. This guy Named Big Told us Not To Let Anybody Touch our bags some people where trying to touch them and Big kept Yelling ( Don't Touch Bags Or I'll Kill you ) well That's What it Sounded Like To me. we Waited For the van to come pick us up . one of them broke down so they sent the mothers to the hotel first so me and my dad Where Sitting in 100+ temperatures for about half an hour then the bus finally got there to take us to the hotel. the car ride is something that i can't seem to describe to most people you kinda have to be here to really get the feel about how bad the streets are . there were just kids and adults selling stuff to anybody. there was garbage everywhere and they all were just living around it and in it . there was this lady with a bag of mud and she was pounding the mud together to make mud cookies to sell to people. Also their were cars every where it was so crazy we almost hit a cop on a dirt bike . that was pretty crazy. then we finally arrived at the hotel all the kids ran out to go see there dads. there where so many kids that you Had to have been there to even imagine how crazy it was then we all went to are rooms and they got most of the kids dressed to go swimming and that was really fun also hot too. they we went back to the room to take a nap and the rooms are not great but they do fine. and when i woke up I was so hot I felt like i was in an oven. that was my very first day in Haiti . the day was full of different things and i hope the rest of the week is as good as today was.

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  1. Kolbie,
    We are so proud of you! Learn all you can while your over there.
    Love You
    G and G