Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day three in Haiti

Today is day Three in Hait We pretty Much Did The same Stuff In The Morning I also Hade the same frosted flakes i think. But they Where Still Good and My prents hade soemthing to do today and i wanted to go and they let me go and i thought to my self this would be cool . when we where about to leave we hade to grab alot of papers my mom Forgot and then we hade to take most of the kids to a photo place to get there pictcure taken the pacce was like 5 min away form the hotel. the place kinda was like a walmart photo place on the side. the pictcures where really fast. then we waited for the pictures to come out . they looked great then we took the kids back to the hotel and we kinda hade to sneak out so the kids would not cry. the ride to the us embassy was long and hot at one stop light this kid ran up he was about my age asking for food or maney i think we gave him some food that made his day some fruit snacks but then tones of kids started to swarm after us this one kid hoped on the back on the van for about 1-2 min the hoped off that was very diffrent. and we parked on the side of the street for about an hour waiting for the owner of the orphanage .to come sign some papers and they also hade us go throught tones and tones of security. they where very strick on no!! cell phones in the U.S Embassy . they we walked into this room where there where mabey 100+ people and in my mind i was like we are going to be here forever and we waited and waited for about 4-5 hours tell most of the people left and then we where the last people to finally go that hade to be the longest wait i have ever waited . and they we came back to the hotel and the kids where crying and crying tell food got there which i was asleep most of the time when we got back.


  1. Wow..I wish that I was there eating frosted flakes with you. Are you having fun with the kids or do they annoy you?